Whatsapp is not only the most used chatting application in India but it is one of the most used communication application in the whole world. Whatsapp has 207 million + users in India itself and the best part is that it is free of cost!. The number surely will go on up ahead as long as it is free.

Facebook acquired whatsapp and started adding new features to the application. These exclusive features include whatsapp video chat, audio chat, file sharing (many different types), business account, end to end encryption for security purposes and much more. The developers from facebook have also added the group video calling as well as the group audio calling features to the arsenal.

Yes the original whatsapp has plenty of features to keep a lot of users satisfied to their heart but the moment they realise the restriction, it does not take a lot of time for each and everything to turn into a real boring mess as well as certain people have to restrict the use in order to prevent personal problems.User customisation is surely limited. So if you desire highly to customise your whatsapp then this is the correct guide for you, just follow the process which is mentioned here to be able to access the features you most probably have never seen before which will be included in the modified version of whatsapp which we are about to use by setting it up in a flawless way so that it does not cause you any problems or interruptions in your life and gives you more security and accessibility. We will prove all these statements in just a some seconds of your read by letting you know how to download GBWhatsapp plus apk and guiding you by giving you the steps to use the group video chat feature it includes.

GBWhatsApp Features

  • Reply automatically by setting up a bot
  • More privacy expansions
  • You can easily hide your last seen
  • You can also hide the message delivered sign
  • Easily hide the read receipts
  • You can hide the last seen from the people you don’t want to share it with
  • You can add 35 characters to the group name
  • Now, whatsapp stories can be downloaded on your cell phone directly
  • Tap on the status of the desired person and it will be instantly copied
  • You will be able to send any file type
  • You can set your status upto 255 characters which is a lot more than the original 139
  • Send the broadcast to 600 people at once
  • You will be able to click on links without saving the number
  • You will be able to easily get to know whether the message is broadcast or it is a normal one.
  • You can stay online forever, but it will consume some more battery life
  • You can call someone directly using the whatsapp application itself.
  • You can customize bubbles as well as ticks.
  • You can also modify this application yourself if you are a developer or an aspiring developer.
  • You can pin more chats than usual.
  • Change the style of tab display.
  • Send videos with a higher size than usual whatsapp.
  • Send huge audio files instead of the standard 16 mb limit which the original whatsapp gave.
  • Send a high amount of images (90 images) at once instead of the low count (10 images).
  • The message details can be hidden when copying them
  • The themes can easily be changed

How to use video calls GBWhatsApp

  • Open a chat
  • Touch the camera icon
  • Video call will start
  • Click the add more button and add the contacts using the top right menu

The modified GBWhatsapp application has been developed by a senior developer in XDA developers and it is a modified version of whatsapp plus. This modified version of whatsapp will let the user gain control and allow him to customize everything in his own desired way. This is a major breakthrough in technology and will surely be used on a daily basis.