Grand Theft Auto 5 for Android has been one of the biggest achievement for android platform. This game is the future of mobile gaming. Game has yet not been officially released on playstore but you can download the game from here. Android GTA 5
provides you all the features that you have been playing on previous consoles. This version of the game starts with Micheal, Trevor and Brad robbing a bank in Ludendorff, North Yankton where the first mission starts. You will have to escape the from the police and everything will be guided in the game.

English subtitles are shown on the bottom of the screen which will help you when you are playing the game in public. There are lots of new features on the mobile phone version of GTA V. For example if you want to enter cheat code then you will have to use gesture on your phone. There are no buttons or actual codes like in previous GTA franchise. Swipe up and down on your screen 3 times to get full health on your player. Grand Theft Auto 5 have used various features on phone to enhance the experience of the user. GTA 5 android allows user to use their mobile’s accelerometer while controlling car, planes, helicopter and bikes. Players can even use VR and bluetooth controller to play in first person view. There are various controllers you can choose from. You can customize the size of buttons as well as the position of it inside the game.

Gameplay of Grand Theft Auto V has never been this good in a smartphone. It is almost good as playing in console devices or maybe even better. Mechanics of the game is similar to Playstation or Xbox version. However, Vehicles control have improved a lot. Driving a car feels like you are playing racing game and helicopters and planes feels like some simulator. First person game is also included in android version. Weapon selection have changed from other versions, now you will have to swipe up in the screen to get the weapon wheel. There are may different features in the game which includes switching between 3 players. Extra activities like animal hunting, golfing, skiing, tennis, scuba diving and swimming are added in the game and can appear anywhere during the game. There is still mobile phone like in previous GTA series where you can not only receive calls but also surf internet, order cars and bikes online. You can also explore huge pacific ocean with the help of submarine. There are lots of ranged and meele weapon added in GTA 5 for android. In the game, you can now customize the wardrobe of any three protagonists.

So, why are you still reading this? Download free GTA 5 android on your phone now.